Advising and obtaining the Irish Revenue Innovation (R&D)

Advising and Obtaining the Irish Revenue Innovation (R&D) Tax Credits Claim on behalf of clients

Advances in the fields of Science or Technology, (Innovation) within your business may qualify as R&D and it is a wider ‘catch all’ than you think. The credit is calculated at 25% of qualifying expenditure and is used to reduce a company’s Corporation Tax (CT). Where a company has offset current and previous years’ CT liabilities, it may apply for a credit payable in instalments. To date this has been a very under utilized tax relief. We have huge experience in assisting with the documentation of these claims calculating the claims and defending the claims with the Irish revenue.

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If a company has qualified for the innovation credit(R&D) it can also qualify for a set rate of 6.25%, half the normal full trading rate of 12.5% this is a very attractive CT rate, we have much experioence in claiming and defending these credits on behalf of client companies.