Value Added Services

Value Added Services


The Best Business Coaching

We know from experience that most of our business clients would benefit from THE BEST BUSINESS COACHING SYSTEM, we tidy up your MIS (management information system) and if you do not already have one, we create this, using your own integrated accounts package most possibly, then we show you the hugely important regular ’hygiene factor’, which totally focusses you on the Bottom Line. As part of this service we show you how to Channel Profits in the best way that works for You. Our packages offered, vary from monthly to quarterly, depends on How Ambitious you are?

We are determined to create highly successful relationships with our clients, and in providing the Best Business Coaching we make another concrete demonstration of how we go further for our clients. We put you first. Always.

We have a range of programs for individual clients in order to maximize shareholder value and therefore enhance their own wealth. These programs are a must for any business owner who is serious about their business.

Business performance Tracker

Utilizing our own accounting software in tandem with the clients accounting package this program ensures that the client is making more money by improving turnover and reducing costs, it is a continual process and assists the client in meeting their business objectives.


This program ensures that our clients keep all taxes to a minimum, within the law. We have over 20 years experience utilizing this program with clients with the huge degree of successful.

Future SAFE

This involves maximizing the owners value on sale or exit utilizing all the exit tax release that are available in a clever way.

We have our own in-house tax department and also collaborate with the best specialist in each tax head capital taxes and income taxes & corporate Taxes.