Financial Statements Audit

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We are authorised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to audit financial statements in the Republic of Ireland. Whether you need an audit to comply with statutory obligations or have opted to audit your financial statements as part of your governance strategy, our audit service is efficient and cost-effective. This service is of particular benefit to existing clients, as we are already familiar with your bookkeeping and financial management, making the audit process seamless.

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There are many reasons to audit your financial statements. For some organisations, it will be a regulatory requirement (for example, certain financial services or non-profits will need audits). Some companies lose their audit exemption because they were late filing their annual returns. Sometimes, companies choose to get an audit for the security of knowing that their accounts have been through the audit process. This layer of transparency can also be requested by VCs; in the case of Enterprise Ireland, it is typical that they require accounts to be audited once they become an investor. Whatever your reason for seeking an audit, our in-house service is efficient and hassle-free.