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RMcH states: with the retail sector in a flux, we came across this article by, which is self explantory.

You have a good product selling in your store. You have been wondering for a while now if there is an opportunity to sell online, but Covid-19 events have pushed this question into the spotlight. If you are looking to setup an ecommerce store here are 9 critical steps you need to follow:


 STEP 1 – Select and Implement the Most Appropriate Platform There are really two general options to get up and running quickly j A ‘website builder’ such as Shopify or Wix These are user friendly, online DIY sites that allow you to setup and run your own website. or j A website platform such as WordPress with an eCommerce plugin This is a more flexible platform, but as such does require a little more setup. Our recommendation would be the latter; to build your online store on the WordPress Platform. This is fast, flexible, and completely under your control. While website builders are fast to setup, the actual website setup is seldom the source of delay when launching an online store. Considering the best layout and creating your content is really the more time-consuming factor here. To avoid spending too many hours considering the layout and design of your website, you can use one of the many e-commerce templates or “themes”. If you can find one that you like and that reflects your business, you can use this to quickly get your site up and running.


STEP 2 – Select Products that you want to Sell Online In an ideal world, you would have all of the products that you sell off-line available in your on-line store. However, to do that you would need to pull together detailed information for every product and for every variation For all products on a website, you need to include which products you include at launch. You can start with your top selling products, or the products that are most likely to sell online.


STEP 3 – Prepare Other Website Content Your website also needs to answer whatever questions the customer might have and also give the customer confidence in your company and products. Some of the key elements that you need to have are: j About Us j Unique Selling Propositions j Contact Details j Delivery, Shipping and Returns j Privacy Policy j Reviews/Testimonials


 STEP 4 – Agree Fulfilment and Delivery Arrangements You need to think through the fulfilment and delivery arrangements for your products and you do need to have a plan for maintaining stock availability on your website. You don’t want customers ordering products that you don’t have.


STEP 5 – Agree Shipping Costs Customers expect to have clear, reasonable shipping options available to them. Shipping must be simple and not become a barrier to your customers making a purchase online. In most cases, you can get up and running quickly with suppliers like An Post, DPD or other couriers depending on your specific needs, products and costs.


STEP 6 – Determine Payment Processing The fastest options to get up and running would be Paypal or Stripe which can both be setup in a very short space of time and can allow you to almost immediately accept payments online.


STEP 7 – Test, Test and Test When you think you are ready to go, you need to test the functionality of the site on mobile and desktop. If possible, get a number of people to help with the testing.


 STEP 8 – Launch and Promote Once all of the points above are taken care of, the next challenge is to launch your site and let your customers know. Social Media is also a strong platform to help get your message out. Some online promotion and/or special offers may also be considered to get users to your site.


STEP 9 – Satisfy the Customer Effort should be taken to ensure the customer finds their online buying process effortless and enjoyable. This includes making the product selection, purchase, payment, and shipping as easy as possible. It continues through ensuring that delivery happens when expected, products arrive, and the customer’s expectations are met.


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